Election Information

August 9th Partisan Primary - Election Day Voting is from 7am - 8pm

In-person Absentee Voting Hours
7/26/22 7/27/22 7/28/22 7/29/22
Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
8:30am - 12pm No Hours 8:30am - 12pm 8:30am - 12pm
8/1/22 8/2/22 8/3/22 8/4/22 8/5/22
Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
8:30am - 12pm 8:30am - 12pm No Hours 8:30am-12pm 3pm - 5pm

You can also request to have an absentee ballot mailed to you at the State website: myvote.wi.gov

Absentee ballots can either be returned by mail, in-person to the Town Clerk or to the polling place on election day.